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Emamaco Care Instructions

Emamaco care instructions for supaflex fabrics:
Wash normally. Do not use fabric softeners and don't dry or iron.
Do not leave to soak or leave in the washing machine after washing as colours may run.


Our Leggings are high performance fabrics. They are made to outperform in gruelling situations while staying buttery soft.

To care for your leggings properly please follow the washing instructions on the tag. They are quite simple to wash. Just use cold water and standard washing detergent.

Do not use fabric softener or dryers.

The soft finish we give our leggings can be damaged. If you rub them hard against a rough surface like velcro or a brick wall then you risk damaging the finish. If this happens the integrity of the fabric and the performance on the leggings will not be compromised and they will still perform perfectly well. But the affected area may look slightly damaged as if there is balling or pilling.

Failure to follow proper care instructions resulting in damage to the leggings is not a fault and we therefore cannot replace them for you.

Damaging the leggings in any way will result in us not being able to provide an exchange or refund.