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Australian women’s activewear brand Emamaco joins with Pregnancy Assistance Bunbury to help them continue to support pregnant women and mums in-need with donations of pre-loved maternity clothing.

Emamaco are working with Pregnancy Assistance Bunbury to help them continue to support pregnant women and mums in-need. The service relies solely on donations from the community and are in constant need of maternity clothing for the hundreds of women they see. 

The women’s activewear brand is calling on all women who no longer need their pre-loved maternity clothing, to help provide ongoing donations to pregnant women and mums in-need. 

Emamaco are accepting donations of pre-loved maternity clothing by post or in store drop off. The brand will send the donations to Pregnancy Assistance Bunbury on their customers behalf  and offer an emamaco store voucher as a thank you.

Pregnancy Assistance Bunbury has a team of volunteers who work hard to create a place where pregnant and new mothers can feel empowered and are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

They provide women with a wide range of free services including pregnancy tests, emotional support, education and material support. The service often sees women in financial stress, living in situations with family drug and alcohol issues and domestic violence, pregnant teens and young mums. 

These women come to the service by referrals from social workers, nurses, doctors, Aboriginal Medical Service, Department of Child Protection and Women's Refuge - as well as, by word of mouth.

“We are setting up a ‘Baby Boutique’ where mums can be in control of what they choose for their baby. Likewise, we are setting up the maternity clothing to resemble a shop - without the price tag,” said Janet, who has been coordinating the service since 2019. 

“With the help of many talented volunteers, the vision is becoming a reality. We rely entirely on donations for the items that we give to clients”.

“All our second hand items are sorted by these wonderful volunteers to ensure they are of a suitable quality and safety to give to clients, and then washed or cleaned”.

“Our most needed items, which are in short supply, are maternity clothing that appeals to younger mums-to-be, toiletries (maternity pads, breast pads, baby bath solution etc), capsules, and prams,” Janet added.

Pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty no matter what the circumstances. No woman should have to feel alone or helpless during this time - together with emamaco and Pregnancy Assistance Bunbury, you can help make sure they’re not.

For more information or if you’re a service in need of our help visit: https://www.emamaco.com.au/pages/donate-your-emamaco-maternity-activewear-emamaco4mamas.

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