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Designer Maternity Leggings 

A maternity range like no other by designer activewear brand Emamaco.

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Pockets that aren't just an afterthought. Great design is built into the very fabric of who we are at emamaco. Every millimeter of each design is cross-examined and re-worked to perfection. Our pockets curve into the natural shape of the leg so you can't tell they're even there. Emamaco Pockets are placed low enough to be perfectly reachable and high enough so that they don't interfere with excercise.

Simply breathtaking fabrics. Lightweight, breathable, soft, smooth and put together with the skill, precision and strength required to last many pregnancies

Classic, classy and versatile. Our Black range is the most sought after in the collection. For the studio and for everyday.

Imagine wearing a second skin that supports your growing bump and fits your current wardrobe like your favourite jeans. Introducing Twilight Blue.

Specialised stitching - the smallest possible bump and lowest possible irritation. All while increasing strength and longevity.

Years of research for the perfect bump seam. Designed for support, designed for comfort, designed for pregnancy.

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Some Customer Reviews:
The highest waist. The best compression support. The greatest material. Oh and they just look amazing on. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the emama leggings.

Maternity Leggings

The Emamaco Guide To Buying Maternity Leggings Online

When you become pregnant, you don’t want it to prevent you from doing the things you love. For many expectant mothers, exercise is an integral part of their day, so Emamaco was committed to designing and selling maternity leggings in various colours, shapes, and sizes to support pregnant women to continue exercising. Choosing the right maternity activewear can be daunting, so we’ve got you covered with a guide to buying maternity leggings online.

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