Pregnancy Recovery Secrets

What to expect (after expecting) - Interview with a Women's Health Physio

Things I never knew about Pregnancy Recovery a Women's Health Physio Told Me:

1. Everyone gets tummy muscle separation
2. by 6 weeks post baby you should only be going on 30 min walks!
3. You can't do just any excercises

So I asked her how on Earth do I recover from pregnancy quick and easy? It's scary and I want to be able to be there for my baby from day dot in every way I can.

Her answer was: Invest in some Pregnancy Recovery Shorts AND Rest and see a Women's Health physiotherapist.

It's well known that pregnancy recovery leggings can help aid recovery post partum, but what should you look out for when deciding what to get?

1. TGA and ARTG listed means you may be able to claim them on health insurance depending on your cover (and you know they're backed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration)
2. Good compression throughout
3. minimal seams in front in case of c sections and scarring
4. they should look good - because trust me you're going to wear them all the time

This is why Emamaco Pregnancy Recovery Leggings (and shorts) are recommended by Women's Health Physiotherapists

We've been featured in Vogue Australia, Women's Health, Mum's Grapevine and SMH to name a few publications. And our Pregnancy Recovery range is Physio Endorsed AND list on the TGA and ARTG.

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Do I really need Pregnancy Recovery Leggings?

They're recommended by Women's Health Physios (and they do look really good).
It's well known that pregnancy recovery leggings can help aid recovery post partum, but what should you look out for when deciding what to get?

1. TGA and ARTG listed means you may be able to claim them on health insurance depending on your cover (and you know they're backed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration)
2. Good compression throughout
3. minimal seams in front in case of c sections and scarring
4. they should look good - because trust me you're going to wear them all the time

This is what Emamaco specialises in - and what we're really good at.

We custom make our own maternity and post partum garments from scratch. Based on countless real pregnancies right here in Australia.

In fact we do the whole pregnancy range.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 261 reviews
A little bit tight to pull it on

A little bit tight when I pull it on, but feel fine after a few minutes. I am 164cm with 59kg after birth, wearing size S. The material is a little bit cold to wear in winter.

Chantelle Allan
Great support

Helps hold me in and feel supported after my C-section. Originally purchased my pre pregnancy size - small, way to hard to get on comfortably, repurchased medium and they fit perfectly. My only issue is the seam between the pant part and the waist support sits right on my scar

Janine Mikaela Limon
Perfect postnatal leggings

These leggings are the best i’ve tried! material is thick and very smooth on the skin. It does provide enough compression that is not uncomfortable

Love the leggings

Perfect for post partum. Ended up having an emergency c section and have been living in them for the past 3 weeks (4 weeks post partum now)
Got a size small which was perfect for week 2, then got a xsmall for the past 2 weeks. Pockets are very handy too for my phone when moving about with the baby.
Overall have had really good support and they have made moving around much easier. Definitely recommend.

Sanjana Chopra
Love the material, true size and amazing fit

I have ordered prenatal and postpartum leggings. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant. The prenatal one provides great support to my belly. Size small is such a good fit and so comfortable. I followed the size chart on the website. So apt…

Emamaco: Maternity Specialists

This is where we started.
Where it all began.
Where we forged a name and an identity.
Our maternity range is designed from the ground up (not some rebranded, copy n paste high waisted legging sold as a "maternity pant")

I mean, come on.

Who do some brands think they're fooling?
Look. Here's some things Emamaco maternity does differently (better):

Our founder Emma literally designed these using her 4 pregnancies AND countless other mums who were pregnant at the time.

And here's our bestselling Australian no.1 Pregnancy range:

Pregnancy Recovery Range

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Emamaco Maternity Range

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Nursing Range

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Want a closer look?

Here's a quick video showing our Maternity Leggings up close and personal

No Pet Hair? Did I just read that right?

Yes you did.
We use our own custom formula for all our leggings. We call it Supaflex.
It stretches and compresses and it is so soft and smooth that it repels pet hair.
In fact we're famous for it. Women's Health Australia did an awesome article about it.

Every day we speak to celebs, magazines and influencers who want to feature us. And sometimes when its publications like Vogue, well, it just makes sense

Worried about your environmental footprint? So are We.

We will always work on this. But So Far:
We've eliminated printed receipts that get sent with every order
We run a paperless office
We use recyclable plastic bags
We use as many postage bags made out of recycled plastic as possible
Maternity clothes aren't forever. So you can send us all your old maternity clothes and we will donate them to a women's health shelter

Full Interview Transcript for Pregnancy Recovery

hi my name is jess costas i'm a women's health physiotherapist and pilates instructor i'm also known as the mama physio and co-founder of the pilates lifestyle

so i specialize in everything pre and postnatal whether that's pelvic floor related or pilates as well [Music] i've treated over 1 000 maybe 2 000 pregnant women um in my career mostly you know i've worked on a maternity ward but also in clinic as well i've seen specialising in pregnancy and postpartum for the last seven years i see lots of postpartum women for post anal checks but also for things like diastasis recti stomach muscle separation anything pelvic floor and pain as well

so when i see someone post-natal i'm using just usually doing a check and i'm looking at their stomach muscles i'm looking at their pelvic floor and i'm looking at their back and their stability so the things i'll generally see the most are prolapse pelvic floor weakness and stomach muscle separation i'd say the thing that bothers women the most is generally the stomach muscle separation the three most important things that i would recommend postnatal are firstly making sure you're getting enough rest really use that six weeks as an opportunity to accept as much help as possible secondly book in your post needle check with a women's health physio i think it's really important and to have that comprehensive check and third getting yourself a pair of postage or compression garment that's going to help you from day one post sale right through past that six week point [Music] so wearing postal compression garments will help because they'll act as your core muscles they'll act like a corset around here providing that support around your stomach acting as your core when especially it is quite weak post-natal so it will help prevent and manage any back pain it will also help with recovery of the abdominal muscles and also help support the pelvic floor muscles as well especially if there's been any trauma there for those who've had caesareans it's actually really nice to have some support over the front as well and can help reduce that swelling and any discomfort so when i'm recommending postnatal recovery garments the first thing i want is something that's going to give paneling and support around through the abdominal region and also potentially around the pelvic floor region as well just to help with that support and recovery i'll also look for something that looks nice and it's appealing and you know you can wear it outside something that you can wear inside you know while you're feeding caring for your baby but you can also pop to the shops and be wearing something that looks stylish as well i'll also look for something that's you know it's affordable normally you'll need to own a few pairs you might get baby poo food anything on it so you know you do need to have a few pairs one in the wash one that you're wearing as well

so i absolutely love the emamaco postal leggings um i've got a pair of them here i i love them because you know they're they look nice they look just like your regular leggings that you would wear but then they have this hidden abdominal support the four panels here which will help support and provide um compression around through that abdominal area they're also quite nice around the crutch as well providing that support inside they've got a really nice wicking here which is great because it's breathable um so you're not going to get hot and sweaty wearing something that comes up really high but it also means that you can wear it throughout the day and also at night time as you want so it's going to bring that dampness away from your body also with the stitching it's a flat stitching so it's not going to aggravate any you know scars or stitches or anything through the abdominal muscles especially relevant for someone who's had a caesarean as well and they just look nice you know i would wear them myself so i like to recommend these postal firstly to help with your stomach muscle separation with the healing there um we know that everyone gets a tummy muscle separation when they're pregnant um but we want to make sure that that actually has the time to recover especially in the first six weeks that's most important will also help with any swelling and discomfort around through the area more important with someone who's had a cesarean um also underneath and the crotch if you've had any stitches through there um it's also great as well for those who have any back pain or pelvic girdle pain just because it gives that support around through that area and acts like that core set of muscles as well

so i absolutely love the emamaco leggings these here i'm also wearing it as well because they're stylish they look good i love them but my patients come in and they rave about it too so i want to be recommending something that my patients love and wear as well

it depends how the delivery went but generally speaking you can wear the leggings from a few days after giving birth if someone's had a straightforward vaginal delivery then you know you might be able to wear it the day after you deliver depending on how fast that tummy goes down for those who've had a caesarean um it might take a little bit longer to fit into them so i generally allow you know maybe up to five days before you put them on but when you first when they should feel really nice and supportive and comfortable they shouldn't feel like they're giving you reflux or cutting in anywhere in particular they should feel really nice even pressure around through here nice pressure across through the scar if you've had one as well and also nice across the legs really fit around and snug around the crutch as well

so the leggings are safe to wear after a caesarean i actually do recommend them routinely after a cesarean just because it feels so nice having that compression over here as a physio who's worked in a hospital if anyone has any type of abdominal surgery you're always recommending compression and support across here especially if someone needs to move or cough or lift their baby for example so i would highly recommend it and even if it's not a cesarean even if someone's had gynecological surgery um i would recommend them as well you can wear the leggings 24 7 you can wear them throughout the day and you can also wear them at night women like to wear them at night because sometimes especially if you've had a cesarean lying on your side that dragging sensation of the stomach on the stitches isn't that comfortable so the fabric here is breathable and it has the wicking inside which helps make it breathable and stops getting any dampness against the skin so you can wear it throughout the day and you can wear it at night as well

so in the first six weeks after having your baby i'd say the first thing is to start your pelvic floor exercises um normally you have to wait till you've done your first week um as a guide i would say in the first week you can generally hold your pelvic floor for one second and the second week two seconds three weeks and the third week and so forth you might be able to hold for a little bit longer that's great um also making sure you're focusing on the relaxation part as well that's just as important as contracting generally you can start to do some really gentle lower stomach muscle exercises unless you've been advised against that so we let's just say pilates and i say pilates just because i love that and i do recommend that postnatal but you can do some really gentle postnatal exercises like your single leg leaves um your knee fall out any upper limb movements as well i'm generally fine with patients doing you know functional movements like squats lunges things like that because you're going to be doing it anyway so you may train you're better off training yourself to do it properly um and gentle little upper limb weights as well no more than the weight of your baby if you really need to do something as well so for walking um don't push yourself too much too soon generally i would expect that in the first week you could probably tolerate five to ten minutes at six weeks is the point when you could probably tolerate about 30 minutes okay so really don't push yourself too soon the risk being that if you push yourself too soon you may develop like you might get pain especially through the front here or you may develop a prolapse as well so really like slow down rest as much as possible

so my patients love imam ako purely because you know the pregnancy leggings which i'm not wearing but they grow with you throughout your whole pregnancy so you know i've tried on a pair and that was flash on my stomach and i've seen patients come in at 42 weeks pregnancy and they're still wearing the exact same pair um they come with and without pockets i think people tend to be on team pockets or no pockets i love my pockets and they've also got some really nice colors as well so you can have that variety and they also have a non-pregnancy range which is what i'm wearing right now which is really nice snug fit through here and a nice crop top underneath which i love wearing for my pilates class it's just really comfortable the other thing is they do not pick up any lint which is important because i'm always lying on the mat and on the ground and with pets and things like that it's not sticking onto me which is important

i'm also known as the mama physio so this is my this is my personal brand i work for myself a couple days a week in melbourne i see everything women's health from prenatal post anal menopausal women sexual pain as well i tend to see you know women i tend to see men as well and children just because they're family members of the women that i'll see i developed an online pilates program called the pilates lifestyle with a friend cat last year we're both pilates instructors as well and during lockdown we just found we had so many patients contacting us looking for something to do to continue to have that continuity of care during that period so we spent a lot of time a lot longer than what i thought it would take developing an online program which is exactly what i would give my patients who come to me for appointments but it's affordable it has we have a prenatal program which goes the whole way through your pregnancy and connects through to a postnatal program right through to um 12 weeks postpartum and longer past that through into fitness as well so we've kind of tried to encapsulate the whole way through the lifespan as a mum for something that's safe we also have educational videos there as a physio i've put in lots of educational videos on the pelvic floor tummy muscles prolapse exercise and pregnancy um cat's a nutritionist so she's given lots of pre and post all nutritional advice as well if you'd like to find out anything else about the emamaco maternity range or me as a physio any questions or advice feel free to get in touch

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