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  • How to find the perfect nursing sports bra

    Breastfeeding a new bub comes with a unique set of challenges that will change from day to day. For me, a big challenge was finding a comfortable s...
  • If You Own A Pet, These Are The Leggings You Need ASAP

    Originally published on https://www.womenshealth.com.au/if-you-own-a-pet-these-are-the-leggings-you-need-asap by Nikolina Ilic 28 Sept 2021

    Working at a title like Women's Health, you see a lot of leggings. Seam-free, textured, patterned... the lot. It’s an awesome perk that we're incredibly grateful for, but also one that, admittedly, isn’t super necessary. Because, like jeans and mascara, no matter how many you have in your arsenal, you tend to go back to the same few every time.

  • When to buy Maternity Leggings & what to look for

    Active new mamas-to-be may be wondering when is the right time to start wearing maternity leggings. Do you even need to buy specific maternity legg...
  • 6 of the best activewear trends of 2021

    Activewear was once only thought of as gym attire for those sweaty workout sessions. Long gone are the days of oversized tees and old battered blac...
  • 10 ways to keep active during a lockdown!

    Finding the motivation to keep active during a lockdown can be difficult especially with the latest restrictions on gyms, playgrounds, skateparks ...
  • Breast isn't always best

    As a new mum I honestly hadn't given much thought to how I was going to feed my daughter. I remember being asked maybe once or twice by my obstetri...
  • "I was ready to start a family": Pro footballer Katrina Gorry chose to go through IVF alone.

    Originally published on https://www.mamamia.com.au/katrina-gorry-ivf/ by Charlotte Begg on 06 July 21.

    Pro footballer Katrina Gorry has always wanted kids.

    Coming from a large family, the Matildas and Brisbane Roar star knew becoming a mum was in her future, but as a professional athlete, she had to consider the timing.

  • Physio Endorsement of emamaco Pregnancy Recovery Leggings

    We invited Physiotherapist and Women's Health Specialist Jess Kostos in to interview her about post natal recovery and to go ask her what she thou...
  • Routine Pregnant Workout with Britney Cullen Towle

    Today's Article features Britney Cullen Towle. She provides training that promotes health, wellness and accountability for support groups. Let's se...
  • Dahlas at BodyFabulous Shares her Insights about Pregnancy Fitness

    We are privilege to be able to interview one of most respected and successful, certified and experienced Pregnancy and Postnatal Trainer, Dahlas Fl...
  • Women's Health and Fitness Education with Clare Hozack

    Here at emamaco we specialise in maternity activewear and we deal with so many active pregnant women. To be honest it is incredibly inspirational t...
  • Coach Amanda Jane’s Pregnancy Fitness Tips!

    Amanda specializes in helping women attain long term results they can maintain. She has a large focus on metabolism and getting women out of the yo-yo diet cycle. Her specialty is the booty and achieving a toned body. Oh and she’s very pregnant when we asked her these questions so she’s full of great pregnancy advice!!