Can I wear High Heels when I'm Pregnant?

Can I wear High Heels when I'm Pregnant?

If you’re like most women (myself included!), your favorite spot in the house is probably the closet! With all your favorite handbags, clothes and shoe collections? Unfortunately, pregnancy might not be the best time to wear your favorite High heels.

Since pregnancy tends to change your center of gravity because of your growing belly, having high heels can cause issues maintaining good posture and possibly cause a fall. A fall could hurt you and your baby so it’s best to wear comfortable sneakers or sandals.

During pregnancy your lower back and ligaments will also be softened so wearing high heels can actually cause lower back pain and make you more uncomfortable.

For everyday we see so many mums to be rocking awesome activewear! It’s a trend that just keeps getting more popular! 

There are so many awesome looks on the market check out some of these mummas who’ve shared their emamaco outfits with us: 

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