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Emamaco: Different (better) Activewear

We started small and dreamed BIG.
Over the years we proved ourselves time and time again against the big players.
When you buy Emamaco you don't just buy another pair of leggings, you likely won't buy from anywhere else ever again.
Look. Here's some things Emamaco Activewear does differently (better):

Pet Hair Free Leggings

Peeps on social media started raving about how Emamaco leggings repelled pet hair.
We looked into it.

Our custom made fabrics are so smooth that our customers discovered that they were miraculously Pet Hair Free! After years of black leggings having hair stuck on them that just won't brush off.

Here's a real life video someone sent in with a really hairy horse while wearing Emamacos.

No joke we've had dogs, cats, goats and even a giraffe pic sent in.

Our founder Emma literally designed everything from scratch.

  • Custom fabrics that are nothing but the best? check
  • Custom cuts and designs made to fit, flatter and look damn good? check
  • Random stuff bought from manufacturers that sell the same thing to every brand and his dog?
    No Thanks

But you probably want to skip ahead and see some actual products. Here's some of our best selling ranges ever:

Emamaco Activewear Range

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Ultra Shapewear Range

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Emamaco Best Selling Sports Tops

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Want a closer look?

Here's a quick video showing our Vibe Leggings up close and personal

No Pet Hair? Did I just read that right?

Yes you did.
We use our own custom formula for all our leggings. We call it Supaflex.
It stretches and compresses and it is so soft and smooth that it repels pet hair.
In fact we're famous for it. Women's Health Australia did an awesome article about it.

Every day we speak to celebs, magazines and influencers who want to feature us. And sometimes when its publications like Vogue, well, it just makes sense

Worried about your environmental footprint? So are We.

We will always work on this.
But So Far:

  • We've eliminated printed receipts that get sent with every order
  • We run a paperless office
  • We use recyclable plastic bags
  • We use as many postage bags made out of recycled plastic as possible
  • Maternity clothes aren't forever. So you can send us all your old maternity clothes and we will donate them to a women's health shelter