Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page! 

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I'm unsure what size to buy ?

If you have looked at our size chart and are inbetween sizes then we always recommend to measure your hips! There is a video in the size chart guide here on how to measure your hips. If you are still unsure or not sure if you have measured your hips correctly then you can ask our friendly staff here

What is the material like?

Our emamaco shorts, leggings and tops are made of our uniquely engineered Supaflex material. So we made sure that it's one of the softest, smoothest pieces of clothing you will wear. It is so smooth that fluff and pet hair simply don't stick to it.

With the gym in mind the material is also light weight, breathable and moisture wicking.

Does hair and fluff stick to it?

No. We made sure that it's one of the softest, smoothest pieces of clothing you will wear. It is so smooth that fluff and pet hair simply don't stick to it.

Depending on how you wash your gear you may get some fluff on the stitching - but not on the main material.

Maternity FAQ:

I'm only 6 weeks pregnant, will the emamaco maternity range fit me?

Yes. The emama shorts, leggings and crop would fit you even if you were not pregnant. In fact they are often used as support for women in the weeks post pregnancy. 

Will I be able to wear the emama shorts and leggings post natal/post pregnancy?

Yes. The high waisted band which supports you during pregnancy will also compress back into shape after you've given birth. The compression is designed to help aid post natal recovery.

Will the emama shorts and leggings help me with my sore back?

It depends on why your back is sore, you should most definitely consult with your doctor and/or physiotherapist to help get the right treatment. They may recommend that you purchase supportive, compression wear that is high waisted. This is where the emama shorts and leggings can help! emama shorts and leggings are also excellent at helping to prevent lower back and pelvic pain.

Will I need to buy a size up in my third trimester?

Our bodies change a tremendous amount in pregnancy and it can be a bit scary. However, In most cases you will not need to buy another size of shorts or leggings for your 3rd trimester. But in some cases some people may need to buy another size it just depends on the individual as everyone and everybody shape is different.

Is the emama long line crop suitable for larger cup sizes?

Yes. The emama long line crop is super supportive for both smaller and larger cup sizes! We use the same supaflex material that we do for our leggings and shorts so it is super stretchy for when you have given birth and your milk has come in allowing there to be enough room without that tight restrictive feeling. It is super comfortable to wear and the easy access clips make it super easy to feed your baby on the go! Perfect addition to your outift.



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