emamaco Shaper Move

Shapewear that’s Activewear

Unique, classy and classic. Leggings so smooth they repel pet hair and fluff.

Shaper Move has a uniquely engineered waistband with built in compression that shapes the body accentuating the natural feminine curves. It is also designed to never (annoyingly) roll down. The fabrics are so soft that pet hair nad fluff don’t stick.

And best of all, there’s no front seam down the front - so no Camel Toe.

Shop Shaper Move Now!

Shop Shaper Move Now!

Shop Shaper Move Now!

Explore our wide range of women’s activewear and find out why thousands of Australian women swear by our buttery smooth, pet hair repelling and flattering range:

Shaper Move Range

Our long line crop tops styled to be classically sporty and fit in at home and at the studio.

Long Line Crop Tops

Our luxuriously thick jumpers handmade from 100% natural cotton.

emamaco Jumpers

Our bestselling and renowned emama Maternity Leggings and Shorts range. Instant Comfort, Support and Flattering Fit.

Maternity Leggings & Shorts

There’s a reason our Breastfeeding/Nursing Crop Tops are posted and reposted across instagram. There’s nothing else like them. Made to be worn with out a bra, no uncomfortable underwires, easy breastfeeding access and long bottom that turn what would be a bra into a long crop.

Nursing + Breastfeeding Crop Tops

Pregnancy Recovery Leggings by emamaco. Cleverly designed compression panels, reinforcing mesh, amazingly good looks and endorsed by an Australian Physiotherapist who specialises in Women’s Health Pre and Post Natal.

Nursing + Breastfeeding Crop Tops