Emamaco Leggings - So Smooth Pet Hair Won't Stick

Australian Brand Emamaco Creates Leggings so Soft & Smooth they Repel Pet Hair



Most of the greatest inventions in the world were created by accident. Here at Emamaco we set out to create the greatest leggings the world has ever seen. We spent over 12 months testing, breaking and innovating different fabrics. We then spent another 12 months engineering a high waistband that would never roll down.

Little did we know that from all the time and effort put into making the softest and strongest fabrics we possibly could - we created something just awesome. Fabrics that repel dog hair, cat hair and fluff in general. 

We didn't realise it until our customers started commenting on posts and writing in forums and contacting us in droves: They found out quite quickly that unlike their other leggings, emamaco tights stayed fluff free. We dug a little deeper. No one was getting that annoying fluff sticking to the fabric that you just can't brush off - You know what I mean. 

Alice wearing the emamaco shaper move twilight leggings and charcoal long neck jumper. Petting this adorable little fluffball.

Then we dug REALLY deep - we emailed customers, we called them, we visited them. Amazingly, Pet Hair wasn't sticking on their leggings either. 

Is your couch covered in cat or dog hair? or both? 
Do you spend ages trying to brush the hair and fluff off your leggings ALL the time?
Are you constantly having to rewash clean leggings because they're covered in pet fur?

Come join the Emamaco Tribe. So many already have and they haven't looked back since.

Emamaco is an Australian company based in Melbourne.

The Pet Hair Repellant fabrics are used in all of our Leggings, shorts, 3/4s, 7/8s, in all the different colours and in the different styles (even maternity).

Our Best Selling Shaper Move Range is pet hair repellant, has a uniquely engineered waistband with built in compression that shapes the body accentuating the natural feminine curves. It is also designed to never (annoyingly) roll down.

And best of all, there’s no seam down the front - so no Camel Toe.

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A brief video showcase of some designer emamaco ranges


Models on left wearing the powder blue emamaco long line crop top + twilight shaper move leggings with pockets.
Model on right wearing the lilac long line crop top + olive shaper move leggings without pockets