Dahlas at BodyFabulous Shares her Insights about Pregnancy Fitness

Dahlas at BodyFabulous Shares her Insights about Pregnancy Fitness

We are privilege to be able to interview one of most respected and successful, certified and experienced Pregnancy and Postnatal Trainer, Dahlas Fletcher. 

Her combined experience as National Marketing Manager, a mother to 3 young children, 20 years experience working as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer all inspired her to create BodyFabulous.

Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out which is what we at Emamaco love and want all our mummas to feel.

She provides real evidence based solutions, that she personally used before, during and after her own 3 pregnancies and has shared with thousands of women. 

Dahla at Body Fabulous

Are you able to keep up a workout routine while pregnant? What does your workout schedule look like?

Yes - I have trained thousands of women during pregnancy right up until they are due with a variety of functional movements, total body workouts and safe cardio. It is important though to remember the way you train during pregnancy has to change as your body is changing - daily!

What’s your favourite workout and did you have to adjust it for pregnancy? 

My Core Cardio and BFAB method I used this through all 3 of my own pregnancies https://buy.bodyfabulous.com.au/bfabmethod/

Pregnancy Workout

What 2 (or more) workouts should you avoid when pregnant? And Why?

Planks, sit ups and crunches are the main cause of excessive diastasis recti (DR) - read more here https://bodyfabulous.com.au/2018/07/31/plank-not-plank-pregnancy/

Fitness for Pregnant women

What are your top 3 workouts for pregnancy and what are their benefits? 

Learning how to train your deep core with total body movements and core breath activation. Resistance based workouts and my safe core cardio method - I have been holding face to face workshops so that ladies can learn this safe and effective way to stay fit and strong during pregnancy https://www.bfabmethod.com/workshop

Pregnant women at work

Do you have any nutrition/diet tips for pregnancy?

YES - grab my freebie nutrition guide  http://bodyfabulous.com.au/nutrition/

Nutritious Diet

Want to learn more?

See what Dahlas has to offer below with her training and courses to help you feel your absolute best through every part of your motherhood journey 

Dahlas provides you with a comprehensive pregnancy and postpartum training and wellness strategies that are adapted to your varying stages of Pregnancy, Post Birth Recovery and Motherhood including, Total Body Workouts (to assist your core and pelvic floor) Functional Strength Training, Pilates based moves and her unique Core Cardio method. Discover how via 1:1 coaching or join the comprehensive programs and workshops. You can also grab her freebie Ultimate Pregnancy Exercise Toolkit so you can learn from a certified and experienced pregnancy exercise specialist how to train safely and effectively during pregnancy > https://bodyfabulous.com.au/pregnancyexercise/

Follow her on social media accounts below:

Insta: @bodyfabulousfitness



website : bodyfabulous.com.au

Pinterest: https://au.pinterest.com/BodyFabulous/


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