Does wearing Activewear make you more active?

Does wearing Activewear make you more active?

We often hear from people about how they "need to be more active", but so often it is finding the motivation to begin that is the hardest step to take. So what's the best way to motivate yourself to take the plunge and move towards a more active lifestyle?

Despite hearing many jokes over the years about how wearing activewear to do every day things has become the "norm", studies have shown that investing in some quality activewear actually helps promote the urge to kick start your fitness journey. What you wear and how you feel in the clothes that you wear is a powerful motivator towards exercise, and anything that makes you more inclined to "get moving" can only be a positive.

In the past decade, a term has been coined to explain this motivation, and it is known as "Enclothed Cognition". The idea behind the term is that the clothes we wear can directly influence our behaviour and the way that we feel. So just as the way a nice suit might bring out confidence and respect in a professional environment, or a pair of PJ's/Trackies can give us the desire to sit around on the couch watching Netflix, activewear can influence our desire to be more active.

Sarah McMahon, a psychologist who has worked in the field of health and well being for over 20 years says "By simply wearing activewear, we vicariously experience some of the benefits of exercise by association. People report feeling fitter, healthier and even more active when wearing activewear, regardless of their actual behaviour". Wearing activewear also eliminates some of the barriers that our minds create to avoid being active, such as having to change clothes, or feeling uncomfortable. 

By putting on your activewear at the start of the day, it can also "trick" your mind into making decisions that are healthier when it comes to things such as diet. Studies have shown that a large percentage of people make smarter dietary choices when they are rocking their favourite activewear set. So maybe the first step you need to take towards a healthier lifestyle is as simple as what clothes you choose to throw on when you get up in the morning!

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