Emamaco x LucyLou: Empowering Women through their Pregnancy Journeys

Emamaco x LucyLou: Empowering Women through their Pregnancy Journeys

Tell us a little bit about what you do at LucyLou Mother Nurture?
I help women get ready for their very best birth experience - my heart is to see women empowered; with all the very best and most up-to-date knowledge and to face the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth with confidence and free from fear.

How long have you been doing this for?

I’ve been working with mums informally for over 20 years.  It started with the fact that I was the first within my little tribe to take this journey and it meant that all my gang of girlfriends when they fell pregnant used me as a bit of a resource. It’s funny because what began really quite accidentally, soon turned into the thing that got me up in the morning!
After a couple of years, I found myself charging for my services, acting as a Doula with over 100 different births, but my key value proposition and ’true love' was with the pregnancy and birth education component.  From here it just grew and I found that it was only natural from here to increasingly digitise what I was offering.
I’m a mum to six kids and have been a foster mum to many others. Many of the foster babies that come to us are drug-effected or require special attention and this has deepened my desire for mothers to be at their best for the sake of their children.
I’ve loved my own experience and now I get invited to walk alongside other women on their most amazing adventures. I like to think my clients can really feel my support, as I cheer them on from the sidelines!

What was your inspiration to start your courses?

After 17 years in the pregnancy and birth world, I was tired of meeting genuinely brilliant women who were feeling disempowered by their pregnancy and were facing birth with fear.  I wanted ALL women to feel supported during pregnancy, and believed an online service could provide this in the most relevant and accessible way.
Women are birthing later in life than ever before and so it is that many of these women are joining this journey at the top of their game in every other sphere of life but likely feeling pretty incompetent and generally out of their depth about their pregnancy.  I wanted to provide a resource that would really speak into this. Most women when they feel out of their depth in a specific area of their profession, they will quickly access some mentoring/coaching or perhaps an online course that will fast track them.. And so it is for a pregnant woman, subscribing to the LucyLou Mother Nurture course is much the same.
The LucyLou course covers the stuff that you need to know and avoids the junk that you don’t.  It includes expert advice in the fields of obstetrics, midwifery, psychology, breastfeeding, exercise physiology, nutrition and more and preps you with everything you might need for your big day.  Video content is delivered directly to your inbox, according to your weeks of gestation. 
Because women are so busy, their pregnancy is something they then have to manage on top of the rest of their other responsibilities.  I wanted to make the LucyLou course compliment this lifestyle, with bite-sized information on topics relevant to where you’re at.
And what does the future hold for LucyLou?

My vision is that women entering this stage of life will have higher expectations of the resources available to them and that the first thing they would look for is the right tools to help them optimise their experience. This goes from the digital products, like the courses that I offer, through to the kind of quality apparel available from Emamaco.
I love what we’re doing here at LucyLou Mother Nurture, we are always learning and refining our service.  With a 100% satisfaction with our clientele, it seems a shame to say goodbye once the baby is born. For this reason, an area for expansion would be to continue that walk alongside mums as they enter each stage of motherhood, something that I’ve had quite a bit of experience with ;)

What made you decide that Emamaco was a brand you wanted to be associated with?

Emamaco wants the same thing for expectant mums that I want; for them to feel great about this journey!  Their maternity leggings/tops/jumpers.. make mums feel fabulous about the season that they’re in (just as they should) No mama wants to feel frumpy and frustrated.  I believe that in all of this, Emamaco and LucyLou Mother Nurture are in total sync :) 

If you'd like to get in contact with Lucy, you can find her website here, or alternatively you can find her on Instagram @lucylou.mn and on Facebook @lucyloumothernurture 
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A very lovley chat you keep up your good work . Lucy

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