Free Pregnancy Workout Part 2: Lumbar Spine Movement with Hayley Wild

Free Pregnancy Workout Part 2: Lumbar Spine Movement with Hayley Wild

Emamaco Pregnancy and Maternity: Fun Lumbar Spine Movement with Haley

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Hello, I'm Haley, a physiotherapist with a special interest in women's health, especially pregnancy and postpartum care and exercise. Oh, and guess what? I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant myself! Thanks to the Emamaco pregnancy and maternity line, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable these days. I've got their beautiful tights and their top on today, and I'm excited to share some lumbar spine movement exercises with you!

Let's Get Moving!

As our bellies get bigger, we often find ourselves drawn forward and stiff through our lumbar spine, leading to back pain. Fear not! I've got a few exercises to help relieve that discomfort.

Exercise 1: Lumbar Roll Down

Grab a ball or use a tea towel on your kitchen bench to slide forward. Breathe in, grow tall; breathe out, nod the head, and roll down piece by piece, maintaining integrity in your back. Inhale at the bottom, exhale, engage the tummy and pelvic floor, and roll back up. Repeat for a delightful stretch!

Exercise 2: Pelvic Curl Bridge

Now, let's work into a pelvic curl bridge. Drop onto the ball or use the side of a bed. Curl your pelvis under, lift through your tummy and pelvic floor, pull those knees together, and roll back down. Feel those lumbar muscles release!

Exercise 3: Seated Pelvic Scoops

Grab a ball or simply stand with bent knees. Find your neutral position, then scoop your pelvis forward and release. Repeat, engaging your tummy and pelvic floor. Tilt your hips side to side, and let's put it all together with some delightful pelvic scoops. It's like a dance for your spine!

Remember, these exercises are not just about relieving back pain; they can also help position the baby correctly as we get closer to delivery. Unfortunately, we're short on time today, but feel free to explore these movements at your own pace.

Emamaco Line: A Personal and Professional Recommendation

Before we wrap up, I must mention the Emamaco line. I highly, highly recommend it, both personally and professionally. It has made my pregnancy journey so much more enjoyable. Check it out for yourself!

That's all for today. Thank you for joining me on this fun lumbar spine adventure. Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy journey!

--want more of Hayley? check out part 1 here or go follow her on instagram: @hayley_wild_

--part 3 coming soon!

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