Routine Pregnant Workout with Britney Cullen Towle

Routine Pregnant Workout with Britney Cullen Towle

Today's Article features Britney Cullen Towle. She provides training that promotes health, wellness and accountability for support groups. Let's see how she keeps fit during pregnancy.

Are you able to keep up a workout routine while pregnant? What does your workout schedule look like? 

Yes, thankfully I am still able to work out 5-6 days a week while pregnant and spend an average of 30-45 mins exercising. Some days I go longer depending on how I feel, listening to my body is key. I am 27 weeks and feeling strong and healthy, definitely more winded than normal but I am pretty impressed with how my overall endurance and stamina has been during pregnancy. I incorporate strength training and hiit (I modify a lot now) into my workout schedule.

What’s your favourite workout and did you have to adjust it for pregnancy? 

I love hiit workouts, I am part of a group at home exercise program that incorporates both weights and your own body weight and it's been incredible for me.

What 2 (or more) workouts should you avoid when pregnant? And Why?

I think this question is definitely personal and open ended for each individual. Other than contact sports, where I am putting my body in jeopardy to take a physical "hit" or have the potential to fall (skiing/rollerblading/etc because I am no expert at those types of workouts)I personally, haven't avoided much, I have just modified a lot especially for core exercises. I have decided to focus on more deep breathing to strengthen my core. Once again, listening to your body is so important while your exercising during pregnancy.

What are your top 3 workouts for pregnancy and what are their benefits? 

DM me for more info:)

Do you have any nutrition/diet tips for pregnancy?

Consistency is important for me. My nutrition has been relatively consistent even before pregnancy but now I am diligent about getting enough protein in daily especially because I exercise often. Juicy fruits have been a craving for me since week 9, so I am lucky there! But I did have an aversion to vegetables for the first 20 weeks, which is tough because I loved them pre pregnancy! As long as you're getting enough of the healthy fats, carbs, proteins then the occasional donut or Reces Peanut Butter cup isn't going to throw you or baby off completely, everything in moderation!

Are you offering and courses or training programs that our readers can look into? Include contact/online details

Promoting health/wellness accountability support groups -

Follow Britney on her Social Accounts to get more ideas and tips about her trainings and tips:

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