The Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

The Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

A pregnant body is amazing. A birthing body is amazing. To think how much our bodies change and adapt to accommodate a growing baby and to birth a baby is just magical itself. Even though our bodies know what to do, it is still important to help it the best it can. And that's how yoga, among other things, can help.

Everyone's pregnancy journey is different. Each body started off with different capabilities and in different shapes. But no matter what, Prenatal Yoga is always for every pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga is a type of yoga that is specific for pregnancies. Not only does it benefit the whole journey of pregnancy, but also during the birth itself as well. 
So why is yoga, specifically Prenatal yoga, beneficial during pregnancy?
Some of the benefits include:

- Asana's that assist in the positioning of baby leading up to birth as well as during labour
- Assisting the body in preparing for birth such as the opening of the hips
- Strengthening areas of the body in preparation for birth/post-birth (legs/arms)
- A low-impact class to maintain movement throughout pregnancy that is also beginner-friendly
- To learn the breathing techniques which provides assistance during the uncomfortable phases of pregnancy, and most importantly during labour itself
- To surround yourself with others also on similar journeys: a pregnancy tribe
- A period of time set aside for yourself, to lean inwards, and tap into the mindfulness benefits of yoga. Something that is important whilst experiencing contractions during labour.
- To prepare for an empowering birth via the language used during the classes
There will always be modifications available for those who are experiencing certain discomforts/pains of pregnancies. It does not mean that you cannot do yoga overall, but modified Prenatal yoga.

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