Women's Health and Fitness Education with Clare Hozack

Women's Health and Fitness Education with Clare Hozack

Here at emamaco we specialise in maternity activewear and we deal with so many active pregnant women. To be honest it is incredibly inspirational to watch these pregnant women at the gym, doing pregnancy yoga and pilates and just staying so fit and healthy! 

This is one of a series of articles where we’ve been lucky enough to speak to great mums who coach and train professionally to share their wisdom and feedback with you all. If you want more info Clare’s contact details are at the bottom of this page and if you want some great maternity workout gear checkout the emamaco range :)

For this short Q&A, I got the chance to interview the lovely Clare Hozack from Burrell Education Australia and NZ and Creator of IntoYou! 

Clare is the creator and director of IntoYou, a small personal training studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, dedicated to making LIFE better! Clare is an ex Australian athlete, and despite having access to the best coaches in Australia, finished her career riddled with core injuries that were exacerbated by three pregnancies and the birth of two healthy babies. Clare’s experience left her feeling under-served and ill-prepared for a full and active life, and she founded IntoYou in 2012 as an answer to this problem.

Are you able to keep up a workout routine while pregnant? What does your workout schedule look like? 

Of course - but there are fundamental changes that occur, the most obvious being her growing belly, that need to be factored in when choosing exercises. During a woman's first pregnancy, it makes sense to keep doing what she's always done, under the guidance of an appropriately qualified physio or fitness professional (note - having had children is not an appropriate qualification). However, in to the second and third pregnancies, much more care needs to be taken to factor in her lifestyle activities (like if she's still changing the nappies of a 3YO) and the program managed accordingly.

What’s your favourite workout and did you have to adjust it for pregnancy? 

We love HIIT training at IntoYou (@intoyoulife), but when a woman is pregnant we take care not to "bounce" on her pelvic floor, load her linea alba to a degree she can't handle, and keep her intensity at 80% of her perceived exertion. Basically, you stop a little "short" of "what you did before".

What 2 (or more) workouts should you avoid when pregnant? And Why?

I believe all programs can be modified, but all coaches also need better education. Current personal trainer qualifications are based on information gleaned from men's bodies. We need more widespread and thorough education on women's bodies, and unless the coach has that, then ALL programs are to be avoided - refer them to a qualified professional instead.

Fitness Exercises for Women

What are your top 3 workouts for pregnancy and what are their benefits?

1) Lifting - although heavy lifting is a risk factor for pelvic floor dysfunctions, there are ways to modify (and not just by making the weight lighter) to make it safer. You can also train specifically for the tasks of motherhood that the woman in front of you is training for, after all, who of us had ever lifted 3.5kg (the average weight of a baby) for 12 hrs a day before having kids?

2) Pelvic floor integration - because it is so easily integrated in to lifting, pelvic floor work has a triple effect of keeping their deep core connected, using the breath to de-stress and balance hormones, and help them lift better in the long run.

3) Walking - outside! Being outside and gently circulating your blood and lymphatic system is fantastic for mental health, Vit D, your bones, and heaps more. When in doubt - WALK

Do you have any nutrition/diet tips for pregnancy?

Just eat real food with as many colours as possible. If it is in it's original form, it's probably great for you, just make sure meats, etc are cooked through.

Healthy Food for Pregnant Women

Clare has an awesome website full of great facts, hints and tips so head on over and check it out!  


If you want to reach out directly to Clare of Burrell Education and IntoYou you can find her details here:

Insta: @burrell_ed_aus_nz



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